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Terms of use

This document addresses the procedures to be followed when using now MERCADO0800 about their users, anyone who browse and / or use any service offered by the website, hereinafter the "USER". It is necessary that the "USER" READ, UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT the terms of the Terms of Use MERCADO0800, so you can use its services. The MERCADO0800 is a portal where "USER" can publish your ads for free, and he ("USER") responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Services OBJECT of this document is to offer a FREE space to the "USER" advertisements for products / services to which he has power to sell, and also provide other ADVERTISEMENTS published by "USERS" to which he has power to buy. The MERCADO0800 provides a communication channel between the "SELLER USER" and "USER BUYER" as well as information about "QUALIFICATIONS" of each, and allows them to negotiate between themselves.
The MERCADO0800 is not the owner or supplier and product / service advertised here, it is only a conduit between seller and buyer and is limited to just that.
To sign up MERCADO0800, the "USER" shall be 18 years of age, and will be individuals criminally responsible to take all publications made herein as "USER SELLER," sometimes as "USER PURCHASER" or sometimes as " user asked. "
To enter into talks with other "user", questions on the ads or ads, it is necessary that the "USER" effect to its register in advance MERCADO0800 informing TRUE all required fields. The MERCADO0800 can use and add information in the registration of the "USER" as it deems necessary to better identify and trained individuals the same. The data reported by the "USER" in its registration is recorded on the database on our server, MERCADO0800 will take all reasonable steps to better ensure the confidentiality of information, but MERCADO0800 not be liable for breach of any action by third parties on the Internet. For security reasons, always will be an original copy of the register every amendment thereto, and the request for cancellation will be also kept a copy of the information indefinitely.
If necessary conference data reported in the register, the MERCADO0800 will ask the "USER" documents attesting to its veracity.
MERCADO0800 the block will temporarily or permanently, "USERS" (SELLER, BUYER or question) or "ADS" that contain false information / untrue, biased, illegal or somehow try to denigrate or offend others "USER", or that the MERCADO0800 deemed disrespectful or fraudulent, and your account / listing blocked, "USER" is not entitled to any form of compensation or damages.
The MERCADO0800 opens a space free of charge for the "USER SELLER" post your ad by selecting a category for this and can add photos and video, and this ("USER SELLER") fully responsible for the accuracy of the information, having full knowledge of the state of product or service conditions announced that pictures / video are real added, do not infringe rights of third parties not in any way offended public morality and are consistent with the product / service.
The MERCADO0800 not guarantee the "USER PURCHASER" that the information inserted in the ad are real or the product / service are as informed by "SELLER USER".
The MERCADO0800 always seeks ways to disable or fraudulent advertisements that do not meet the "Terms of Use MERCADO0800.
The MERCADO0800 open space for the "USER" to use your account to offer Digital Payment forms of payment and effecting purchases, but is not MERCADO0800 The owner is not involved and is not responsible for service of Digital Payment.
It is forbidden to enter information in the ads to third party websites.
It is prohibited to insert advertising content or repeated similar insistence on the account will be blocked automatically.
It banned the ad serving with pornographic or adult who strictly fall into: A.D.U.L.T./.E.R.O.T.I.C..T.O.Y.S..and..F.E.T.I.S.H.E.S.
The MERCADO0800 not mediate negotiations between the "SELLER USER" and "USER PURCHASER", both should share information they deem relevant to negotiations, such as state of the product, warranty, payment, how will the delivery of the product / service .
The MERCADO0800 not responsible for non-compliance with the obligations of the "USER SELLER" ora "USER PURCHASER" such as payment, product delivery, breakdowns and so on.
The MERCADO0800 only relays information entered by the "USER", this being responsible for any information contained in your ad, question or response.
The "USER" understands and agrees that any negotiations with other accomplished "USERS", is solely at your own risk, nor can the MERCADO0800 be held liable for any breach of obligations by both parties.
The MERCADO0800 is not the vendor, nor owner of the services / products offered in your ads, MERCADO0800 not store, no delivery, does not verify the existence, integrity, legitimacy of the product / service offered.
The MERCADO0800 not guarantee that the photo / video content contained within, or in the ad are true.
Can only be advertised product / object / service / animal inside of morality, law and force the U.S. to respect the "Terms of Use MERCADO0800.
It will not be allowed under any circumstances, ads that contain or make reference to:
Weapons of any kind, narcotics, illegal drugs, stolen goods, animals protected by law or any product / object / service / animal that are not within the existing law of the U.S..

The MERCADO0800 pull away on the right of display advertising other site, however, does not mean that the MERCADO0800 operate, hold, take ownership or responsibility for the content of advertising displays.

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